I’m Resting my Soul & You Can Too if you Dare!!

I’m Resting my Soul & You Can Too if you Dare!!

To be successful on Social Media you are meant to post comments quite often so you stay in people’s minds. You also need to be active on more than just one.

So in true organised style I thought I should devise a plan of what day and time I will post things and schedule all posts. I’ll make a list of all the ones I need to learn about. I really do not understand Twitter and periscope is up and coming and I need to know about that.

In reality I’ve ended up getting quite flustered. I feel overwhelmed with this whole supposedly amazing idea and am wondering what on earth I was thinking.

I’m guessing at times you feel the same.

You start something but get frustrated because you can’t make it as perfect as you want it so you get gloomy feelings and feel bad about yourself.

So this message is for you and this message is me.

Be proud of what you achieve. It is not a race. And you will win. Maybe not today or tomorrow but you will win.

I have been working in mental health for many years now helping people with their feelings. Mental health is of paramount importance and it is worth protecting it at any cost.

I am fine. I am not about to have a break down.

BUT I am overwhelmed and exhausted. And I know too well it is a slippery slope.

So, to look after myself I need to turn this ruddy computer off, and spend time with family. It goes against what I have learnt about social media and I’m fighting ridiculous thoughts of ‘failure if I don’t post’.


I’m signing off for the weekend. If a post comes to mind I might post it, I might not. But it’s my choice. I’m not going to be a slave to it because I need rest.

So fellow exhausted friends. What are you going to do because I know you feel the same? Nothing is more important than your health.

So you can cancel the party. You can eat take away instead of the 3 course affair you planned. You can cut some corners and say no!

Your dream will be there on Monday (and the laundry) as will mine. And we will all be better off for it (perhaps not the laundry).

So see you Monday after your peaceful weekend.

No call to join my page, no pressure, just lots of love and huge hopes for your future. You can do it.

Love Nicola x x


Do It Afraid

Do It Afraid

Have you got a dream in your heart? Do you aspire to be more than you are or be doing more than you are? You see people doing exciting things and you’re green with envy. You wonder if you will ever be good enough, earn enough or be tough enough.

Me too!

I’ve always known there was more. More in me that was bursting to come out.

Unfortunately I have perfectionist tendencies so I don’t do things unless I can do it very well. So I’ve hesitated starting my business because it doesn’t look shiny and lovely like the way I dream it to be.

Then I came across ‘Do It Afraid’.

I was at a festival and one of the stall holders was selling a heart with Do it Afraid sewn on it.

It did something to me. Like grabbed my heart and gave it a twist. It was of those moments. It moved me. Moved me to action.

I walked away with tears falling out from behind my sunglasses. I wasn’t sure what it was at this point but I knew I had to do it and I was definitely afraid.

So, I’m doing it now. What you see now in July 2015 isn’t the fullness of my dreams.

You have to start somewhere.  So let’s start together. You might not know your ‘it’ in its entirety; even if you do it’s likely to change as you refine what you do.

But start.

You have awesome desires in your heart, you have a longing for more. To be really fulfilled, fully fulfilled you can’t ignore this. You have to start.

Keep following me and I’ll share my journey and unfold my grand plan. I’ll walk with you as you achieve your heart’s desire.

I hope my first blog has inspired you. What I really love is connecting with like minded women, if I could have a cuppa and a chat with everyone I would, especially if there was cake. So get in touch with me and tell me your IT. I’d love to hear from you.

If you need help finding you IT I’d love to coach you. Email me at contact@nicolahughes.co.uk to arrange your free coaching session

And then join the community of like minded women at: www.facebook.com/nicolahughescoaching

Love Nicola x

Ps. If fear is a biggy for you check out these great quotes http://theboldlife.com/2011/08/101-quotes-fear/