What’s Your Real Obstacle? This is Mine!

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What’s Your Real Obstacle? This is Mine.

No matter what, do you find it really hard to get certain things done?

Have you got aspirations but really can’t see how you will get there?

Is something in your life rail-roading you?

Read on.

The next blog on my mind was to write about all the obstacles that get in the way of reaching our goals. I’d fully expect things like; belief in self, money, lack of knowledge in key areas, time, to name but a few.

I was going to post a picture of my mind map of jumbled mess of obstacles (before I obliterated them) and I was going to tell you how I overcame them and empower you to do the same.

Then tonight happened.

I’ve had a fairly good day of getting most things done and all pickles were fed and fairly happy.

That evening I was revved up and ready to sit at the laptop and do some work on my dreams and my big mission. I’d already overcome some obstacles of wanting just to veg out and watch mindless TV.

However, the youngest pickle woke up and screamed and no matter what would not stop. She was awake and up.

The obstacle has arrived!

I tried to explain to her that I had this awesome idea to help women;

Find Themselves, Be Themselves and Grow Themselves

And this evening I was doing exciting work towards achieving this (Okay so I didn’t have that conversation with her but you get the gist)

I look at my actual obstacle list now and think that’s all fairly easy to overcome compared to getting this one to sleep.

So, what about you?

What are your obstacles?

Do you struggle with self-doubt and wondering if you’ve got what it takes to do what you want to do? Are you juggling a million things and don’t know how to prioritize?  Are you short of money and it’s stopping you from getting a proper website or business cards?  Have you got no idea how to create a business plan?

Many of these obstacles can be identified and overcome with some thinking and support.

However, some things aren’t so movable.

What’s your real obstacle?

Maybe your partner is home really late and you never get chance to get on with it. Maybe your pickles are really little and need something from you that only you can give right now. Maybe they’re not so little but still need you.

(I wrote this blog a few weeks ago after little pickle wouldn’t sleep but this week I’m dealing with a double dose of pox and I’m ready to hand in the towel. This obstacle has completely depleted my life energy and I will need to do some serious restoration when it’s finished.)

I will always understand that sometimes it’s just not that easy.

I understand because I’m living it. Some obstacles I can move and some need embracing and soothing and when they are ready they’ll go back to sleep and let me get on. I cherish this little obstacle (Not the pox obstacle that can get gone!).

Truthfully work out if your obstacle is a big ugly excuse for not getting on with it or whether you need to accept that this is your season right now.

But there are some things you can do.

Keep dreaming and don’t lose heart. And if once a day you can grab 5 minutes to research something, write an idea down, watch a You Tube, by the end of the week you’ll be 35 minutes nearer your goal.

Then join the community of like-minded women at: www.facebook.com/nicolahughescoaching and let us know what your real obstacle is.

Love Nicola

Ps. If you realise that your obstacles are big ugly excuses that’s great. Get in touch and I’ll tell you how I can help with this contact@nicolahughes.co.uk

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My Deepest Fear Is…

My Deepest Fear Revealed

My deepest fear is..

Are you someone that does things on time or leaves them to the last minute?

When you got homework as a child did you do it on the way home or on the way to class the following week?

Will you do an all-nighter before a deadline or are you tucked up in bed feeling satisfied and accomplished?

I get it done. I am a doer. It was done last week.

I frequently say, “There are no flies on me.”

I’m sure if we read some psychology reports we would discover the reason behind those of us that get things done now and those of us that leave it to the last minute. I’m sure we are both as equally messed up.

I have spent the last few weeks glued to my lap top (my new lap top by the way for my new business!) Any blog, any ideas get written up and time spent on them. I’m getting things in order, I’m researching, I am on it.

So why oh why then am I leaving one particular aspect to the last minute? Why am I putting it off and doing everything else first.

We all procrastinate right? I hate hoovering but when I do get the hoover out I’m always interested in what I am procrastinating or dreading doing more than the hoovering.

This is a bit different and I guess there’s an emotional edge to this I need to uncover. But before I tell you about me, what about you?

What is it you are not doing?

Are people telling you, you are good at something in particular but you keep putting it off or making excuses?

What is it you really want to do but aren’t? Maybe a new hobby, learning to run, starting a business.

It’s probably time to think about why you are putting it off and what the route cause is.

Have you read my first Blog – Do It Afraid. Great, read it again.

It’s time to sort ourselves out.

Stop limiting ourselves and get on doing the very thing we could be absolutely brilliant at if only we’d give ourselves half a chance.

When I was in my twenty somethings I spent 3 years in the USA training to be a Mime Artist under the two most gifted artists I have ever met. Their performances radiated through my being like nothing I’ve ever seen or probably will ever see again.

It was powerful.

When I started this particular blog I didn’t know what the answer was, I genuinely hoped that as I wrote to you honestly I would uncover something.

And there it is.

They were powerful.

Can I be that powerful?

I am reminded of this amazing quote that you might have heard if you’ve watched the film Coach Carter.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” Marianne Williamson.

I’ll tell you now what I’m meant to be doing. I’m meant to be choreographing a mime that I can perform to a group of ladies in a workshop I am running. I can run workshops standing on my head, I do it as part of my day job. But for some reason this FEAR has infiltrated into the workshop and as it stands I have a few exercises and nothing else. At the moment the workshop would be ok.

It needs to be brilliant.

I need to be brilliant

And you need to be brilliant.

It is in us we are holding it hostage because the potential we have in us overwhelms us.

Some of you are pftting me right now because you think you have no power.

Of course you do. Why on earth would you have no power? Prove your lack of power!

There is a lightbulb inside you waiting to be turned on.

Your job is to find the switch and turn it on.

How are you going to do that?

Email me at contact@nicolahughes.co.uk and claim your free life coaching session

Then keep connected with me at www.facebook.com/nicolahughescoaching and I’ll keep sharing my journey.

Lots of love to you as you figure it out.

Nicola x x

PS. The next day I sat down and wrote the workshop and mime in about an hour. I even practiced the mime. Sometimes we just need to acknowledge our stuff, give it a courtesy nod and then shift it out of the way. If I did it so can you!

I’m Gonna Win The Lottery….Come A Little Closer, I’ll Tell You How

Win, Win, WinI’m gonna win the Lottery – Come a little closer and I’ll tell you how.

Do you dream of winning the lottery and what you will do with the money?

Once you’ve paid off the mortgage, gone on the biggest holiday ever and bought a ridiculous amount of expensive bags, you dream of being this secret philanthropist (Took me ages to work out how to spell that and don’t even ask me to say it!). Blessing your community and friends without them knowing.

Okay, maybe the last bit’s just me.

But we all dream of life with huge amounts of money.

I love asking this question of people as I love hearing the unusual things people want to do or will do.

This weekend I bought my last lottery ticket. I didn’t win. I totally expect to win and I’m devastated when I don’t. Needless to say I’ve entered about 10 times in my whole life because it’s too traumatic!

My handsome hubby tells me that I have more chance of being bitten by a shark and dying from it, than winning the lottery! And he wonders why I hate swimming in the sea!

This aside I have full intention of winning the lottery – My Lottery!

And you can win too. You can win your lottery.

If I won the lottery (sorry I’m at it again I can’t help it I’m obsessed) I’d walk into this rich life I never lifted a finger for. Once I realised I had a dream that could become a reality I wanted that and not the lottery win. I want to build something.

You can look at all you have achieved and feel proud of yourself and your kingdom. You can do it. You will win.

I fully intend to pay off our mortgage, have dream holidays and much more.

So, tonight with your partner, or dog or whoever will believe you. Write down your lottery winning list.

Hunky hubster and I did our dream list one night.  Amongst other things, I wanted a house full of Ercol furniture and he wanted a fast car!!

Keep looking at your list and keep believing that you can do it.

Let it inspire you to shape a life for yourself that you will be proud of.

Stick with me and you’ll work out how soon enough, if you haven’t already.

Join the community of like minded women at: www.facebook.com/nicolahughescoaching and tell us what is on your Lottery List because we believe you will get it.

And to claim your free life coaching session email me at contact@nicolahughes.co.uk

Love Nicola x x

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