No More Notifications!


No More Notifications Please!

I’ve got a new phone and I am seriously in love! I have been putting up with a very old phone for ages. I bought my old phone 4 years ago so in phone terms that’s pretty old.

My new phone is beautiful. It is shiny and new and does so many lovely things (half of which I am yet to work out!)

I have said yes to everything when I set it up. I thought if I’m going to make the most of this then I need everything it has to offer.

One of the first things I noticed though was the amount of notifications I got. My old ‘not so faithful’ friend hardly notified me of anything because there was nothing on it. I like to know if I have a text or I missed a phone call but I’m happy to check Facebook and emails in my own time.

When I turned my shiny new phone on I was so overwhelmed with the amount of things it was telling me that I totally forgot what I’d picked my phone up for (probably only to search Pinterest for Christmas ideas!).

I don’t like these notifications.

Say Happy Birthday to a random person you’ve forgotten how you know them!

Listen to this new voicemail from PPI

Read your junk emails

I am now going to undo what I have done and find a way not to get all these notifications. I’m then going to invent an app or widget that sends me really lovely notifications!

I am not actually going to do that last thing. But wouldn’t it be great if there was something that did that. (Maybe there is, let me know if you know of something).

Give yourself a pat on the back

You’ve done an amazing job today

Woo hoo you are awesome!

We are constantly bombarded with demands.  People, children, my small dog, they always want something.  I joke that I go to work for a break but it’s another set of demands – I just like those demands.  (Just for the record I also like my children but not their constant demands!)

Then the social demands we put on ourselves, to be thinner, have a nicer house, be more popular, earn more money.

My message to you is this…


We all have room to develop and grow but right now you are ok. You are good enough for whatever situation you are going through. Whatever is taking your attention you have what you need to deal with it.

We don’t give our self enough positive notifications so my gift to you is a Positive Notification (Affirmations) Sheet.  If you click this link you can down load yourself a FREE lovely printable of some positive affirmations you need to remind yourself of (or not – you choose).

Stick them on your mirror, kitchen cabinets in your diary, or anywhere else you will see them.

Then believe them!

That’s all from me.

Come and say hi on

And check out my website

Lots of Love, Nicola x

Originally written for  Sept 2016



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