Making It Monday

Introducing Chantal Nogbou


  1. Name, age, family situation

Chantal Nogbou, 37. Single parent of 4 beautiful children

  1. What is it that you do?

I am a mobile acupuncturist/complementary therapist, senior NYR consultant and Relax Kids

coach. Helping families feel healthy, happy and calm, by offering my therapies and teaching them

relaxation and stress management techniques.

  1. What were you doing before you were doing the awesomeness you are doing now?

I was a single mum on benefits, having left domestic violence. I needed to feel myself again so I

started doing counselling training courses leading me eventually to doing my holistic therapies

training in 2007.

  1. What gave you the push to make the change in your life?

At the time I was more of a shadow, not really existing. For my kids I wanted better which lead me

to the decision to go to college, which led me to doing a foundation degree in body work and a

degree in acupuncture.

  1. Tell us about some obstacles that you have faced

Being a single parent I have 100% responsibility for my children, it can be all consuming as my

family live abroad so my children don’t go to family for a night so I can have a break. No it’s all me,

but I do have a brilliant childminder who looks after my children when I need to work. Having 4

children, including 3 year old twins and being self employed I regularly struggle with work/family

balance. Especially when people ring for treatments and I already have a busy schedule I still try

for them in as I don’t feel I am in the position to turn work away but it means sacrificing time with

my children.

But all these things make me stronger and I always see the positive.

I fell pregnant with my twins during my second year at uni and had them 6 weeks into my final

year, I was in clinic and lectures up to 35 weeks and gave birth at 37 weeks but still I managed to

hand in my dissertation a month early and graduated with the rest of my class.  I was meant to be on this journey, on this path.

  1. What motivates you?

Cheesy I know but my kids are my motivation, showing them that no m

  1. One bit of advice for the wonderful women reading this

My business details are

Contact number for both Dragonfly Acupuncture Leeds and Relax Kids Leeds 07905 672460