Climb from the Bottom

Climb from the bottom

Have got some stuff you need to face up to but keep putting it off.

Are you feeling like a coach potato in some areas of your life but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is.

Love to live life to the full but you’re being held back?

Read on because this concept has really got me thinking and has helped me face up to a few things.

Have you ever watched documentaries that show aerial views of mountains? It’s absolutely incredible, breath taking and overwhelming even.

I wonder if this is how you see your ‘stuff’. So enormous that its breath taking and overwhelming. Maybe it’s so overwhelming that you daren’t look at it fully.

The thought of leaving a job behind that you’ve been in for years, being comfortable, known, knowing what you’re doing. You’re not satisfied but the thought of change overwhelms you.

You daren’t even grasp an aerial view of what it could be like to change jobs.

You know you could sort your finances out but that would involve admitting how much you spend and how much debt you are in. You can’t possibly face it. So you continue to spend and continue to deny there’s a problem.

But the aerial view is incredible. Why would you not allow yourself such pleasure?

The clients I work with are awesome. They come and tell me they are frustrated and want to be more fulfilled. What a great start to admit that something is not quite right. Sometimes they know they have a mountain, other times we work it out together. I help them see the aerial view and what life could be like.

They would tell you they feel all sorts of feelings at this point; overwhelmed, afraid, excited, intimidated, even more frustrated, intrigued, ok, ready…

Then we set some goals. They have worked out what to do, not all the steps are worked out, they might not have even put their shoes on to start but they know.

These people are at the foot of the mountain.

You need to get to the foot of the mountain.

The view is different. You can’t climb a mountain from the aerial view.

You climb from the bottom.

Get to the bottom. Whatever it takes get to the bottom.

I am not a mountain climber in the real sense but I have climbed Snowden when I was 10. I thought it would be like story books standing at the bottom and looking straight up and seeing the peak or maybe a few clouds. The reality on this day was that I saw a road, a rather steep road but a road, not a mountain.

When you get to the bottom

(and I’m not underestimating how hard that can be, it takes some of my clients a good few sessions to work what the mountain is never mind how to get to the bottom)

You won’t look up and see an overwhelming distance, you’ll just see a road you know you need to take.

Don’t put up with these frustrations because you fear the mountain. When you get to the bottom the journey up is an adventure.

When you work with me I am your support act, I prepare you, I walk with you and I take a break with you. I don’t tell you which way to go or how fast to go.

The free Coaching Call that I offer to all new clients is a great way to see if you’d like me on that journey with you.

Email me at and we’ll arrange the best time for your FREE coaching call.

Whatever it is we can sort it.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Love Nicola

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Nailed It

Nailed It.

Nailed it

Have you seen those funny photos of people’s creations where they’ve tried to copy something from Pinterest but failed on a major level? The text underneath reads,

“Nailed It”

They make me laugh so much.

Mainly because I have been in that place.

I made Play Doh the other day, the example was glossy and brightly coloured. I thought how hard can this be? Clearly very! It looked awful and I couldn’t get the colour to run through it.

I also made some banana muffins and they looked no-where near as full and plump as the ones in the picture.

I’m now very wary.

I really want to draw on mugs with sharpie pens, the pictures look great. However, I’ve read a few feedback posts that say it doesn’t work and fades after one wash.

Quite frankly I’m not wasting my time on something that’s not going to work.

I wonder if that’s how you feel about Life Coaching with me, or with anyone?

There’s lots of people out there making claims to change your life, making you fab offers and sending you lots of free stuff. It can be really confusing.

You usually then discover they want a tiny fortune off you.

It’s really hard to know whether you’ll get what’s so beautifully portrayed in the picture.

When you work with a life coach or counsellor or mentor you are giving a little of yourself to someone for a time. It’s personal, you don’t want to do that with just anyone.

So why should you choose me?

I am Nicola Hughes before I am anyone else. Born in the North West of England. I am a wife and a Mum to two little pickles who are 1 and 3. I work part time and I run my own business.

Sometimes I feel full of life and enjoy seeing my pickles do the amazing things they do. On other days (which is the majority) I struggle with all the things you do:

Am I a good enough parent?

Why are they doing my head in?

How will I get all of this done?

Who am I?

Work with me because I am a real person, I’m living the everyday struggles of life. Yet I’ve painted a picture for myself and I’m making it happen.

I can help you because I have been helped

I can help you because I am qualified and skilled

I can help you because I am real

I know you don’t want to waste your time (or money) on something that isn’t going to work.

I know you are concerned whether you will ‘Nail It’ or not.

The difference is you get to paint the picture, not me!

I support you to paint your picture


I watch you nail it!

If something in here resonates with you, if you are a little intrigued then contact me.

I offer everyone a FREE introductory session.

This is so you can hear my voice, see if you like working with me, like my style and ask any questions.

There is no obligation. I promise that.

Email me at and we’ll set up a time that’s convenient.

Please share this with your lovely friends as they might be interested in painting a different life for themselves.

Then join me at so you can keep up with what’s going on and be inspired.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Nicola x x

What’s Your Real Obstacle? This is Mine!

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What’s Your Real Obstacle? This is Mine.

No matter what, do you find it really hard to get certain things done?

Have you got aspirations but really can’t see how you will get there?

Is something in your life rail-roading you?

Read on.

The next blog on my mind was to write about all the obstacles that get in the way of reaching our goals. I’d fully expect things like; belief in self, money, lack of knowledge in key areas, time, to name but a few.

I was going to post a picture of my mind map of jumbled mess of obstacles (before I obliterated them) and I was going to tell you how I overcame them and empower you to do the same.

Then tonight happened.

I’ve had a fairly good day of getting most things done and all pickles were fed and fairly happy.

That evening I was revved up and ready to sit at the laptop and do some work on my dreams and my big mission. I’d already overcome some obstacles of wanting just to veg out and watch mindless TV.

However, the youngest pickle woke up and screamed and no matter what would not stop. She was awake and up.

The obstacle has arrived!

I tried to explain to her that I had this awesome idea to help women;

Find Themselves, Be Themselves and Grow Themselves

And this evening I was doing exciting work towards achieving this (Okay so I didn’t have that conversation with her but you get the gist)

I look at my actual obstacle list now and think that’s all fairly easy to overcome compared to getting this one to sleep.

So, what about you?

What are your obstacles?

Do you struggle with self-doubt and wondering if you’ve got what it takes to do what you want to do? Are you juggling a million things and don’t know how to prioritize?  Are you short of money and it’s stopping you from getting a proper website or business cards?  Have you got no idea how to create a business plan?

Many of these obstacles can be identified and overcome with some thinking and support.

However, some things aren’t so movable.

What’s your real obstacle?

Maybe your partner is home really late and you never get chance to get on with it. Maybe your pickles are really little and need something from you that only you can give right now. Maybe they’re not so little but still need you.

(I wrote this blog a few weeks ago after little pickle wouldn’t sleep but this week I’m dealing with a double dose of pox and I’m ready to hand in the towel. This obstacle has completely depleted my life energy and I will need to do some serious restoration when it’s finished.)

I will always understand that sometimes it’s just not that easy.

I understand because I’m living it. Some obstacles I can move and some need embracing and soothing and when they are ready they’ll go back to sleep and let me get on. I cherish this little obstacle (Not the pox obstacle that can get gone!).

Truthfully work out if your obstacle is a big ugly excuse for not getting on with it or whether you need to accept that this is your season right now.

But there are some things you can do.

Keep dreaming and don’t lose heart. And if once a day you can grab 5 minutes to research something, write an idea down, watch a You Tube, by the end of the week you’ll be 35 minutes nearer your goal.

Then join the community of like-minded women at: and let us know what your real obstacle is.

Love Nicola

Ps. If you realise that your obstacles are big ugly excuses that’s great. Get in touch and I’ll tell you how I can help with this

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